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Friday, 8 August 2014

Losing the will to Thrift !!

In the real world ive only worked one day this week , but due to it been cooler ive been getting on with chores and crafting and munchkin duties . I hadnt spent a penny all week then i weakened and went into the Salvation Army yesterday

There was a glorious fake vintage yellow seersucker single bed throw , that i escaped from , its still there sat in the Market Rasen Sally Army waiting for you to buy
 They had a lot of Swedish mid mod pottery in as well very cheap . I love this shop it has a schizophrenic pricing system, the staff are nice and its tucked into the car park by the coop so gets missed by the high street thrifters . But due to me losing the will to thrift i managed to escape with just a shoebox and a little something for myself  who doesnt need a heavy glass cream and sugar with gilt and flowers . theres a theme here developing , i bought a similar jug for 10p at the jumble and it took up permanent residence as well

I really shouldnt , im sure she spots my car pull up and drags out the strange rubbish that no one else would want . So heres a crafty challenge for you all , what the hell do you do with a 70s shoebox packed with lightweight machine knitted cuffs , wristbands?  you really cant say no when theyre offered for pennies now if cherie cant think of a use for the useless nobody can

no im not moving its raining out there!!
                                          Crap photos due to current monsoon conditions

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