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Monday, 25 August 2014

Bank holidays Bah Humbug

So it's grumpy old bird day , that great British tradition a wet drizzly Monday.  This always seems like the most pointless Bank Holiday. The kids go back to school in a week or so , nobody gets paid till next week. no car boots due to the weather.....Up early and read the Daily Mail on line, another flamin award ceremony , an exercise in pointlessness,  dodgy bobble headed birds , letting the wind get to there flange.  I'm so glad my daughter is old enough to dress herself  and doesn't need a stylist. What on earth were they thinking it's all a bit emporers new clothes, sorry girls you look like a bunch of dodgy hookers, did your mother never tell you it's vulgar to let it all hang out ?

meanwhile the rest of the world watches in horror as the Middle East descends into something from a not funny Xbox game, as our esteemed leader Dave goes bleeding surfing. Obama doesn't seem to be letting it interfere with his golf handicap either. your world leaders boys , show a bit of backbone and bleeding lead.
There's parents of every religion and race grieving for their children, there's a whole rash of murders plastered across the pages, Ebola . It's all so negative.

Meanwhile ime cooking for the 5000,  falling over people , wondering what the hell I'm going to do with yet more plums and deciding how little I need to pack for 2 days in London

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