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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Auction despair

Once upon a time i could leave the house with pennies in my purse and wander the county like a glorified Womble finding the strange and the salable . But at the moment im struggling to find a single thing of any interest even in my usual good and thrifty haunts . Last night i dragged Mr Bah Humbug off to Unique Auctions chuck out auction , ive had some brilliant job lots from there, but theyve now altered the sale to 6pm on a Wednesday evening , awkward in itself because i have sole charge of the munchkin on a Wednesday evening . There were hundreds of box lots but we didnt even stay for the sale , it seemed to consist of nothing but broken and damaged boxes of pots. The single item of interest was a load of 70s wallscapes , all sunsets and beaches but i didnt want to wait 400 lots for them . This is going to be a weekly auction at Rose  Orchard on the side of the A46 so i will visit a few times just because i can and see if it improves any.
Ive been to the depths of Skegness and Spilsby working today , so i had to squeeze a few charity shops in . Practically fell over snorting with laughter in Age UK at Spilsby , behind the counter on shelves they keep the "good stuff" and they now have dangling price tags with on sale on ebay at £90 buy it now here £45 etc etc , the trouble is I dont think theyve actually looked at completed items prices  I was getting the evils from the snooty manager , the one who follows you round watching you to see if you shoplift because you dont look middle class enough for Spilsby .
I bought a pair of jeans off the £1 rail just to annoy her , they do have a very good middle class £1 rail all next , boden and yummy mummy type labels .
Keiths rescue dogs had a huge box of fabric remnants , so i relieved him of a few  rose laden bits , there was tons more but being as im currently struggling to hide all the crafty fabric that ive bought over the last few months  , 70s screen prints and mountains of florals.......I should be beaten with a stick and dragged away  to minimalist boot camp

Rosy Remnants 

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