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Thursday, 28 August 2014

London after 20 Years

Its 20 years since I last went to London. So a trip to see a band was a good excuse for my daughter sponsored trip to the capital .  This was an extreme budget break  we stayed at a back packer hostel on the Strand , The Strand Continental Hotel , hidden up a dingy Edwardian staircase between 2 shops , no lifts and five flights of stairs £25 a night and a continental breakfast slung in , it was clean spartan student accommodation , but the breakfast room was truly beautiful it was stuck in the 1940s 

We did the trip down on National Express coaches , they have improved in 20 years though a numb bum after 5 hours on a coach wasnt 
It was just a trudge up the Charing Cross Road to the Borderline to see Alan doyle , yes thats right someone only the Canadians among you may have heard of . He was the lead singer for Great Big Sea now he has his own amazing band . the Borderline is  typical 60s down in the cellar venue staffed by pig ignorant Eastern European grunts . But you can put up with an awful lot for a good band and an excellent support act .

It was a brilliant night , and we got to meet them all afterwards for a very civilised meet and greet , my daughter was overjoyed she got a photo and signings , shed spent the night right at the front with all the kiddies , us oldies who sat at the back got the good sound quality.
Strangest experience?  I was sat in the wrinkly park at the rear having a friendly chat  with a few other fans, as you do and got chatting to an American male , we were chatting about bands wed both been to see. Then in to the conversation he slipped " do you fancy coming back to my hotel for some casual sex after the show? " WHAT !!! good grief i wouldnt have considered that at 20 let alone in my 50s . I think the death stare did the trick as he scuttled off . My daughter howled when i told her and is now telling the universe about it , so i figured i had better tell you all before she did .
Another post on the budget capital trip once i get the photos sorted !!

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