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Friday, 25 April 2014

Unidentified dolls

I should be banned from even driving past the Christian tiny thrift shop in the next village , once again I had to screech to a halt as i spotted more dolls sat looking lonely in the window , so meet the new batch of girlies who have perched up on this filthy wet day next to my keyboard . Now even I recognise Sindys slutty sister Barbie , but this is her 1970 Skipper little sister , she will be going onto ebay once shes had her face washed .
Now here are my mystery girlies ,  A Tressy clone or family member complete with a rather nice Faery Glen coat and a spotty dress marked Patch so not her original outfit . Thirdly the white haired girlie who ive taken a shine to , she just has such a nice face , made in Hong Kong but she seems rather good quality . Imput welcome on this one , who are my two mystery girlies .

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  1. Hello Katie, my name is Mindy.
    My husband has found a love of collecting dolls. He does not collect the dolls that most people collect. He collects some Monster High and Ever After High dolls, as well as, Tonner dolls and Lorifina. He discovered a love for 18" dolls, and we have many different brands.
    We now have several dolls that the internet does not acknowledge as existing. Believe it of not, even Mattel cannot identify a few Barbies that were included in bags with Monster High dolls. Seriously! They suggested I find doll forums. Something I don't get at all. They should have an archive, RIGHT!!!!!

    Well, I have a few photos, and if you are knowledgeable of Barbie's, I would appreciate any input you could help with. My husband thinks they are "valuable" since they aren't identified. I don't think so. They are really strange.

    They are actually Barbies, that are relatively fixed in their positions. One of them cannot move her hips. It is obvious tha she was designed that way. She looks like she was a model, or manakin-like. Her head turns, and her arms move, but that's it. She's in a painted on bikini. So strange, but pretty.

    Please contact me if you think you may be able to help me with this. I am almost at the point of putting them in boxes, and hoping my "heirs" will be able to identify them.

    Do you have any knowledge of dolls other than Barbies? I have a couple other type dolls that don't exist as well.