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Friday, 25 April 2014

Unidentified dolls

I should be banned from even driving past the Christian tiny thrift shop in the next village , once again I had to screech to a halt as i spotted more dolls sat looking lonely in the window , so meet the new batch of girlies who have perched up on this filthy wet day next to my keyboard . Now even I recognise Sindys slutty sister Barbie , but this is her 1970 Skipper little sister , she will be going onto ebay once shes had her face washed .
Now here are my mystery girlies ,  A Tressy clone or family member complete with a rather nice Faery Glen coat and a spotty dress marked Patch so not her original outfit . Thirdly the white haired girlie who ive taken a shine to , she just has such a nice face , made in Hong Kong but she seems rather good quality . Imput welcome on this one , who are my two mystery girlies .

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