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Friday, 18 April 2014

Sindy Tressy & Tablecloths

Its strange the things that jump out of a charty shop window at you , screeched to a halt outside the local church shop on spotting these lovely ladies who wernt there the day before . Yes its vintage Red haired  Sindy , sindy Clone? and a Tressy  theyve all come to live with me and have a bath and scrub up . Well played with, but they have all their fingers and toes . The dresses are Grubby but they will wash ,Tressy is modelling vintage Faerie Glen . They even have their little shoes and boots ,can you tell I'd like these to stay ?  I may list them once theyre cleaned up . Truly lousy photo its just settled in to blowing a gale and raining typical Bank Holiday weather .

I feel the start of a collection coming on whats not to love about this shabby Australian tablecloth , it has parrots its lime green , ive now got 3 location tablecloths !!

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