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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Car Boot Sunday

The sun was shining the birds were singing so I sneaked off this morning to Banovallum School car boot sale at Horncastle . Today had been predicted thunder and heavy rain so the field was only half full , this car boot can be a monster if the weathers good and the dates are listed on the schools PTA website.  There was lots to choose from and what do i spend ? A whole £1.50  on 2 bits , I think its just that im getting picky and with the ever robbing ebay fees its better to sell a single £20 item than a couple of dozen 99p auctions you just might get lucky on.
The  latest returns policies are going to be a nightmare for clothes sellers,  14 working days to ask to return and you can now return due to buyer remorse..mmmm  I can see where that is going , buy clothes to wear for an occasion then decide you dont like them because of buyer remorse after youve worn them . A recent experience may be the reason im so jaded, having sold a shirt   , only to have it returned filthy and stinking of aftershave .  Little point in complaining to ebay , because with the new ratings policy buyers can pretty much do as they like and you just have to smile nicely and agree . ...rant over

Anyway while buying dollies the other day , I had to spend a further 50p because they didnt have any change , rummaged in a pile of bits of china and found a selection of Shelley , Royal Albert, Hammersley and the pretty unusual green edged Aynsley  side plates and saucers , havent a clue what to do with them
These unusual green Irish Stoneware dinner plates were included in the 50p,  Brendan Bouquet Erin Stone , 3 of ,they may just go to be used when my rubbish dishwashers have chipped and broken a few of the current ones . this week ive managed to tick a single item off my wish list a Tupperware bacon box bought from a church sale up the road , im so easily pleased

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