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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A Crafty Easter

Ive had a thoroughly inactive Easter, I had a whole list of car boot sales i wanted to attend over the Easter Holidays You guessed it rain for a change . the menfolk toddled of on a fishing trip then a scooter trip , so ive had a lot of me time . I managed another one of my vintage jigsaws to go onto ebay , got to the end and there was a single piece missing , cue deranged grumpy granny episode . Get up next morning and the bit has mysteriously appeared after i had broken the thing up...grrr ...

Meanwhile months ago I paid a whole 50p for this and ive spent most of the last couple of days covering it with Britain and  Commonwealth stamps.  I really am that much of a packrat  that ive been saving stamps in a box since i was a kid , its busy drying . so it gives plenty of time for £1 shop varnish to be bought and me to sell something on ebay and fund the fabric from China ive seen, that i want to line it with . theres something about stamps theyre all little mini works of art.  Come on is it weird that its took 40+ years to find a use for them ?  Also please dont tell me if ive stuck something highly valuable into one of my projects

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