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Monday, 7 April 2014

Cauldron Cookery

Now the big kids view the cauldron ..aka the slow cooker, with real trepidation. Todays cheap and cheerful menu is a really bad cookery effort but its filling . 5 adults and some for tomorrow  .
Read this and be gobsmacked , 3 jars of tikka sauce slightly out of date but they were 6 for £1 , 2 tins of vegetable curry that were declared inedible by the boys , courtesy of the tin shop at Cleethorpes . Add £2 pack of chicken chunks from Heron Frozen Foods , these are probably Taiwanese Seagull chunks , do i care? Then its Sainsburys basics rice .
Now this is not healthy, its probably riddled with E numbers , but the one thing you realize with menfolk is that you really can hide anything in a curry , Indians devised it to hide the rancid meat they were cooking , but its cheap filling and they wont die from eating it .
We also have the arrival of  the big brown box from Approved Foods , 3kg of pasta 99p folks , a week out of date , err dried pasta go off ?
Pancake mix 3 for £1 , dumpling mix 6 for £1 , dried spicy casserole mix ? well it can go in the cauldron with something im sure . Approved food can be a bit heavy on the cakes and biscuits and pop , but its cheap and what theyre selling changes from day to day .
Now ive bored all my overseas readers to death , but in the UK food prices have soared and wages dropped like a stone , although the supermarkets are competing with their value ranges , most of which are perfectly edible , its still possible to shop even cheaper if your not to obsessed with brand names and sell by dates .

So heres some pretty 1962 book illustrations to take your mind off my bad cookery course

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