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Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Now that ive reached that grumpy old woman time of life , hot flushes no sleep etc etc etc , I seem to get a bee in my bonnet over such silly things .
 I received a letter from Lloyds TSB relating to a PPI from many moons ago , opened it, read it, then nearly had my head explode as i realize they had addressed this to me and my EX husband at this address. Now I do not bank with Lloyds and havent since my divorce over 8 years ago and that was three addresses ago ,  . He has never lived at this address  ever .  So I ring them and get India , to inform them he is not at this address , there response is that he must ring them and tell them his new address to be removed from my address . Now I know he lives in Scotland thats about all and the kids are in touch with him , I also know that the world and its wife are looking for him for money he owes . I do not want his name associated with this address at all!!!!
Today i rang the financial services authority , who explained how to register a formal complaint and gave me the UK number for complaints . Ring complaints only to be told that they cant register a complaint because im not a customer , they give me another number for PPI complaints , its India again and theyre reading from the same screen again , so I still cant get anywhere . Ring FSA , I must now write a letter of complaint and wait 8 weeks for a response , meanwhile my ex is back ruining my credit rating at this address .As soon as the knocks at the door start i will be logging every one and seeking compensation from Lloyds

Now for a translation for those overseas . Once upon  time we all believed that banks were honest caring institutions that made the City of London a great place , they all sold us insurance if you borrowed in any shape or form , what they didnt tell us is that these policies were pretty much useless if you tried to claim on them and for pennies you could get the insurance from elsewhere . Eventually someone twigged and it turned into a big scandal , they were instructed to give the money back for the policies , which if you sent the relevant forms off most did , with a few noteable exceptions , Lloyds being one of them , now they have been instructed that they must give the money back by August of this year .

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