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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sunday Service

Busy day on the ebay front , finally figured out where the aerial photograph featured in the last post was . its Castle Rising in Norfolk , sorted through  tons of bits and bobs on the craft front , got to figure out quite how to group them yet and what is actually worth listing . i may end up Freecycling a load . Managed to fill up the dreaded Turbo Lister . So a few New listings going into  ebay store tonight .
Heres a little tip for you , how many books of Comman Prayer and little Bibles have you walked past at thrift, charity shops  and car boot sales lately ? Always look inside them,

because you quite often find these , little page markers and tracts many were given at bible study and sunday school. Back in the 60s we used to get stickers and a book to put them in , these date back as far as the victorians

Dont you think they would make an awesome wrapping paper design? Id quite like to cover a bible or notebook with this just to annoy those who dont like Sunday

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