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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Desperate Saturday

Oh dear its been a lovely sunny day and pickings should have been good..alas not . Started with a village table top sale managed to buy a packet of buttons and some ribbons .
 Marched round Torksey car boot for what seemed like hours , it was packed to the gills there must have been over 100 stalls and i think i bent down to look at something twice and come away with one little carrier bag , there was a nice little table for repurpose but i didnt have a teen slave to carry it today . Torksey is the chav equivalent of Lourdes , theres more disabled parking than a Super Mall  , and once those gates open theyre off , the speed some of these poor people can reach when they see a bargain is amazing , maybe they could start hanging crutches and trusses over the gates ,?
In desperation i ended up in Gainsborough at the antique center. Spent a happy hour having a gossip with one of the sellers but only came away with 3 little 50s birthday cards just because i liked them . It has to be a better day tomorrow . Doesnt it?

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