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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Despondent Wednesday

I think total apathy has set in a day early this week , ventured out to do my real world job today only to come home and find my wage slip for the last month . It was so depressing i really could sell a kidney or maybe one of the kids kidneys ...mmmm
They introduced this wonderful bonus scheme that effectively has halved our pay , in the past 3 years my real world wages have droped over 60% already , we're now working for way below minimum wage on a zero hours contract and theres little anyone can do about it . the argument is that theres the potential with the new bonus scheme to earn big money , most people are leaving theres only us oldies left, nobody is earning big money  .  I could go out and get another job but once you hit 50 nobody wants you no matter how well qualified you are , plus its a very male dominated industry that i work in .
Ebay is keeping me afloat just , but the fees each such a big chunk of what you make that its not easy money anymore .
So today laugh at what i bought , these American Geographical society sticker books from the 60s  , they cost pennies and theyre are 10 of them but theyre worthless and dont sell ....story of today i think

Donations of 70% dark chocolate gratefully accepted , Gordons Gin and maybe a large dose of sympathy

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