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Monday, 21 October 2013


Do you ever have that thought " If I'd only known then ,what I do now"   I walked away from 22 years of marriage, a house and everything in it. I took a couple of dustbin bags of clothes , my computer and my car, which fortunately had my son in it ! Drove to the bank and asked a wonderful lady how i should finance a divorce . One interest free credit card later , i'd rented a house rounded up my daughter and moved in .
We slept on the floor for months , we didnt have a TV or much else for ages but we were happy . I slept for the first time in months and so did the kids .

 My ex threw the most amazing tantrums , hid in hedgerows to try and catch me seeing anyone and tried to turn the kids against me . He put all my belongings in storage and refused to let me have anything from the house which he proceeded to wreck once i left . The reason for his ire? There was no one else , I just couldnt put up with his behavior for another day .
The reason for me drowning in stuff is that my ex couldnt afford to pay his storage fees so he gave me everything back years later
I was shunned by my family and still am, except for one wonderful aunty whos now gone  , in my family divorce just didnt happen .
I pottered on for over a year , then got talking to a man online , not on a dating site I wouldnt dare , just in a bitter and twisted divorcee chat ..the worst anyone had to say about him was that he was boring It took a year to get up the courage to meet and the rest is history .
Mr Bah Humbug the grumpiest little furry bloke in the world has been part of our lives for 8 years , he wasnt boring , turns out hes a one finger typist and just couldnt keep up withe the conversation in the chat room . He makes me smile every day and i could cheerfully kill him on occasion, maybe we only get the downward slide of life together but thats still a good thing .......................

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