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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Young Baldrick

 This is a very hard post to write , you may notice ive not been around a great deal . but its not just been a whole lot of gardening and watching the Invictus games , sometimes its something read in the press that can trigger a whole host of things .
Theres been an awful lot of press about the killing of an elderly gentleman in a road rage attack by this individual .
We have young Baldrick problems yet again , last week he met his dad and me for us to give him his post , he was very twitchy and strange and got in his dads face because he had no food , he is now in receipt of benefits but he has no money he says because he bought a phone off someone at his project , his dad told him tough and he didnt like it much . I gather hes been strange with the other relatives who were supporting him and they have also withdrawn from him . He stank of weed and his behavior is quite threatening . The scheme he is residing in has informed us that he wont allow them to contact family if their are problems and because hes an adult theres nothing anyone can do .
His dad told him that if he had no food he could come and stay for the weekend , which he agreed was a good idea .
So come the weekend his dad went to pick him up and he wouldnt get up to let him in , his dad could see him through the window in bed . which set him off an endless weekend rant
His brother then informed us hes been all over facebook partying and doing drugs all weekend and posting rants against all and sundry , hes obviously becoming increasingly unstable and delusional yet again .
We have long said that we believe he is dangerous  and nobody will listen to us , the idea behind him being referred to the psychologist was to get a diagnosis of some sort , to get him the lifelong help he will need . This plan has been scuppered by other relatives and now he has decided there is nothing wrong with him and he doesnt need help .
So I dont think I can get a more public place than this to state I believe my stepson is a serious risk to society and needs help , I dont want to find myself having something terrible happen to someone and being blamed for his actions but thats is what we have to look forward to as we cant find anyone to listen to us.
Because he is an adult , hes free to do as he likes , meanwhile Im barely sleeping and looking over my shoulder all the time . He has previously threatened to petrol bomb us and kill my daughter , nobody was interested then either .


  1. Oh my God Katie what a dreadful situation for you. I have no advice I can offer but just know that I am keeping you in my thoughts and hoping that there is an end to this for you in the near future-x-

  2. Save yourself and your flesh and blood before you are completely dragged under never to return.... It is not selfish, it is self preservation.

  3. Have no idea what your next step is, but will be thinking about you and hoping there's a way forward

  4. Can the police help you? Sine

  5. I can offer no advice, but know that you are in my thoughts it is just an awful situation to be in. Take care.

  6. Change your locks, change your phone number.

    He is an adult and you are no longer responsible for him.

    Write to your social services office and MP. Register the letters and keep copies. List the threats and that you have warned them.

  7. I agree with 50 & counting - take care!

  8. I can offer absolutely no advice to offer chuck but my heart goes out to you