Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Parallel Universe

Fun packed day yesterday with young Baldrick , his key worker rang to see if i could take him to the bank with yet more paperwork and have a little chat with him about matters , so we picked him for the day .
We trotted down to the Co-op Bank in Lincoln , with letters from the Job Center and HMRC , it was turning into one of those endless conversations with different parties that we seem to be having these days . But I'd like to thank the lovely Darren who has finally after 2 months sorted this bleedin mess out.
Young Baldrick has finally got his own bank account !! after much reading and thought they decided he was being excluded from having a bank account because of the limits of his disability , so there social exclusion policies meant it was unreasonable to expect him to have a passport or driving licence, because hes partially sighted and unable to remember which day of the week it is .  They didnt ask if he had a gun licence this time !!
 Then we had to drop Mr Bah Humbug off at The Shaw Trust for his daily meeting , hes got lots of homework, thats set him off yet again as he struggles to write and it has to be handwritten . Even they say they cant understand how hes expected to work, plus his condition is continually degenerating . But the good old DWP have spoken and he cant be reassessed because he hasnt got a new condition , this is a glaring flaw in the new system for ESA benefits and will affect many of those with a progressive illness .  They will doubtless be wheeling folks into the Job Center in hospital beds and dragging drips in a few years at which point because of conspicuous publicity something will be done.
We fetched Young Baldrick home for tea and cake and i managed to get a long chat with him , he has been referred on for independent living , probably in a shared house , he meets the criteria for being able to live alone as he is quite domesticated in a teenage boy way .
Other relatives have been raising concerns about him being bullied by other residents at his project  , taking advantage of him and stealing his food etc . But he doesnt see this as being a problem because hes been so badly treated in the past far worse than he is now . In fact he really likes it there and has decided he wants to stay in the small town hes based in  . As we continually have to remind them ,hes an adult he has to be allowed to make his own decisions where possible .
Hes driving his keyworkers round the bend i think , but it does take a lot of practice to be able to handle him , its how you phrase things when your asking him questions or trying to get him to do something . You have to praise the good and mostly ignore the bad unless its putting him or others in danger. Sometimes hes easier to handle than his dad
Its supposed to be some form of payday tomorrow , I' m currently compiling the economy shopping list , I will be so glad once the garden starts to kick in for the summer , the only fruit we have is rhubarb and theres a limit to how much i dare put into everyones diet

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  1. Its a start Kate at least now with your help he has a bank account. Take care.