Monday, 9 May 2016

Limbo Land

This weeks stunning events !! sorry theres just been a very boring week folks the world doesnt have much exciting to offer , just budget shopping , a glorious sunny car boot sale that my daughter dragged me to yesterday where i bought 6 tomato plants for a whole £1 and a bit of fishing that i mainly snored through much to Mr Bah Humbugs disgust ...
So lets take a look at the wider world and raid the Daily Mail for a few thoughts . The big story, Dave is trying to scare us to death about leaving the EU.
 My thoughts . we will probably try to leave shortly , we vote leave we may be heading for interesting times im sure , nobody seems to be asking the big question will they let us leave?
Cant understand why Dave has such a panic on , him and the rest of his vile colleagues will be able to do anything they want without the EU butting in , or is he just afraid we might notice that he knows nothing, has no valid policies and certainly does not speak for the majority of the British people.
Plus theres the fact that UKIP will be no more , theyre a one trick pony , we vote leave, the trick is gone.
Maybe its all smoke and mirrors and he knows hes so universally loathed that he figures we will vote leave if he wants us to stay , meanwhile Boris and IDS are busy sharpening there long knives in traditional Tory fashion .
Somewhat gutted by The Baftas nothing much to fall off my sofa laughing at. the frocks were pretty boring really , theyve let me down this year .
The one glaringly awful article was about the new Downs Syndrome blood tests , that could result in the extinction of Downs children due to the pressure of certain NHS staff on parents who get a positive result , it seems some have been pointing out what a burden to society and the NHS Downs Syndrome children and adults are , personally I would sooner money was spent on them than daft trollope's who cant decide what size boobs they want .


  1. Agree these scare stories are not adding up - we will go to war, our house prices will fall, interest rates will rise, no intelligent services will talk to us. It added up to silly season news broadcasts in our view.

  2. I to am sick of listening to the scaremongering that is going on. I would like to make an informed decision for myself but find it almost impossible because we are not given the true information to form an opinion on. Distressing times for sure.

  3. I'm sick of them all. I know how I am voting and none of their scaremongering will affect the way I have decided to go.
    That's the first I have read about the Downs Syndrome tests Katie and it is beyond sickening.

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award if you'd like to pop over to my blog to see what it is about-x-

  4. & now 2 add 2 the gaiety of the nation good old BoJo has compared the EU 2 Hitler & Napoleon #shakesheadindespair&disbelief

    1. meanwhile in the real world , we all shake our heads in disbelief at how these dolts ever got elected .