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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Selling an Angel on Ebay

Sometimes it grates selling possessions you want to keep , but ive a garage bill to pay and Mr Bah Humbug has bust his windscreen which is partly covered by insurance but not all ..such is life
So I thought why not list an Angel in  
Ive had this one for 30 years and will be sad to see her go  . Religion isnt a huge seller in the UK , but calenders and  ones this size do sell.

Plus theres the Grimsby local interest aspect which is only 50 miles away , it  wont make my fortune but its still a  rare item . ive had to list it as a buyer collect because there isnt a courier born that would get it there in one piece . A little bit creased and has thousands of thunder flies behind the glass. If i removed it from the frame i could probably post this overseas.

But then again theres a few replacements waiting in the wings 

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