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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Are Things Looking Up ?

Im skimping on blogging and ebay this week im a very busy lady . Between the munchkin , daughter climbing the walls with boredom , tripping over sons everywhere and feeding the 5000 on a budget of zilch .
Oh and i musnt forget knitting my nettle knickers for not being frugal
Life is just over complicated and much overated at the moment ...i feel as if i should get a saffron robe and sit in a corner going OHMMMM.  The lousy weather still comprises of biblical floods and glorious sunshine excellent growing weather , but not very useful on the getting out and finding stock front . So ive been reduced to bidding online., if im lucky i may have stock tomorrow , if not ...well
Thats the negativity over with , on a plus note , daughter has got a  2 month temporary contract doing something for the council , shes not sure what, but it pays well for a newly graduated politics student . Shes pleased because all her other interviews have failed because of her lack of workplace experience . It means i get more munchkin duty , but i enjoy that anyway .
Heres a 50s doggy print , I saved from something , he always looks as though hes about to burst into tears , wouldnt you with a basket like that ?

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