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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Norah Welling doll

So I won a single lot at the auction i was counting on to bring me tons of stock ....such is life , but im not daft enough to pay over the odds just because i need stock .

 Looking over the catalogue , it was an online crap picture they was just rammed in the box and i thought it was vintage baby clothes with a couple of dolls. It was  to far to go for the viewing , so not worth a huge risk . But once again it was a box of dolls , I dont collect dolls i just seem to keep finding them at the moment. Fortunately my daughter was at that end of the county today so was able to collect my box of
horror dolls .

The little lady id seen hiding in the box is a Norah Welling  fabric doll made from 1926 to 1959 and quite a small rare one, complete with her foot label . A stylised American Indian Maiden . I didnt know this i just thought she had a sweet little

As a bonus theres a cup of severed china heads that i thought would sell as a haloween repurpose project?
Theres a folk art black West Indian nut doll , my daughter says it looks like a voodoo doll , shes not in great condition but i think worth listing , theres even a very old wood headed Scottish doll with a missing arm .

Plus a walkie talkie Palitoy Big eyes doll , cabbage patch baby and a few unidentified probably off to car boot dolls . The only serious casualty is the black doll with badly broken legs who will probably stay , guess im starting a dollie rescue as well . so over the weekend i will be cleaning and listing dollies in

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