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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Ebay Turbo Lister ..I Hate You

Grounded due to lack of fuel today  so i thought i would load a few bits into the ebay shop its looking practically empty . Im trying to conquer my aversion to listing clothes as ive had a few good things in my fill a bag collections . But im finding it heavy going , I cant take good photos no matter how i try , the light quality is terrible today and it just keeps on raining so I cant play outside . grrr

Ive also started on filling a box with paperwork and ephemera to take to the car boot . Once upon a time you got good prices for sheet music , programmes , vintage guide books and a million other strange paperwork items , nothing is worth listing for 99p these days because you know thats likely what you will get for it , except for the odd bidding war . This is all stuff from the early days of the shop and i just want rid of it . So if it doesnt go at the car boot its going on to Freecycle as a job lot . Just found a pile of Home Farmer magazines so glad i dont buy magazines and newspapers anymore , i dread to think what ive spent on them over the good years
Theres little point in giving to most charity shops these days as they throw more in the bin than goes on the shelf , they get £7 for a sack of rags so wheres the incentive to actually sort through what they are given , the rag man also takes books and shoes . There are good charity shops and bad but we all know the slick overpriced worst offenders on this score.

A big pile of knitting pattern that ive been throwing in a pile for ages , lots of 50s and 60s , so they should go well at carboot , might get a whole £1 for them.
Meanwhile having spent most of the day trying to list clothing , I find that Turbo Lister is refusing to let me upload anything of a clothing nature due to a problem with item specifics????

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