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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Ebay Sunday Car Boot Challenge

So I knicked all of Mr Bah Humbugs change this morning and toddled of to the little car boot in the next village while he enjoyed his fathers day lay in bed .
 So what did i find?  Laser discs !! do you remember these , they lastest about as long as Betamax back in the late 70s early 80s . My daughter was horrified that i paid a £1 each for them . When I got home Mr Bah Humbug saw the Peter Sellers one and had the same thought i did , that they would make great pictures . I also picked up the classic Stephen King Carrie and Chaplins dictator . Once upon a time they were big sellers on ebay , now a £1 is a fair price for these wonderful forgotton bits of retro

2 Proper JAJ and Phoenix pie dishes , so hard to get these days . I already have some,so into ebay they must go . Yet another quiche dish , lets see if this lasts more than 2 weeks
A couple of 25p tomato plants to sit in the porch and a courgette plant . Cat in the Hat for the munchkin , plus daughter has bought a mountain of KNex and Meccano for a couple of pounds .

Meanwhile in the world of  i had a strange thought while staring at the scrap man pile in the yard , now im quite used to going to Mr Bah Humbugs play area and asking to swipe bits of rusty rubbish for repurpose , but i bet theres loads of people who just cant lay there hands on rusty rubbish for repurpose , steampunk or altered art . So into the ebay shop I have put , some small packs of rusty rubbish to see if anyone will buy it . I can see a use for this stuff if it doesnt sell , so nothing lost nothing gained .

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