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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Elvis Rides Again

Well last night I had the pleasure of Elvis...we'll sort of . my daughters early birthday present to me was a couple of tickets for The elvis years at The Drill Hall Lincoln, what can I say, it was a great cheesy night out, shut your eyes and it was Elvis.  I grew up with my aunts and cousins dancing away to Elvis with there old Dansette they could all Rock n Roll with the best of them . So it made me smile and theyre in short supply these days .

Ive picked a bonny few days to be grounded due to lack of fuel...its a wee bit scorchio outside but its nice and breezy so its bearable . started washing all the duvets they dry well on the grass in this weather , may tackle curtains tomorrow .
Still a good store cupboard full from the Sainsburys vouchers , so I need to plan this months shop carefully , daft thing to run out of is eggs and ive just processed tons of onions and carrots into the freezer , they were pennies in the co-op and it means that Mr Bah Humbug can cook a little , he cant chop veg but he can tip stuff into the slow cooker so that "when" I get a better job ,I may come home to warm food come winter
Got talking to one of the neighbours this morning , our little village shop and post office is shutting in July . He only has a post office bank account , he pays his bills there gets his groceries there like a great many in the village . Hes 86 and doesnt drive , never learned , lived in the village all his life . So the oldies sent a letter off to the post office asking what provision was being made for them . Got one back saying that they must bank online and pay their bills by direct debate , so thats a big help . The post office in the next village is also going . So we wont have a bank within 15 miles , nearest Post Office will be a 10 mile round trip , now to those overseas that maybe doesnt seem far but on the budget most people live on round here its not a viable pop out everyday , this will impact my ebay big time , so i will have to look at its viability in the long term . We dont have a bus service except for the school bus and thats only in term time.
Tea tonight , reduced sandwich steak to stretch to feed 5 , garden salad , last of the potatoes fried , maybe some cous cous or bulger wheat . Had an ace pudding idea last night , out of date cheapy milkshake makes amazing custard , who'd have thought ? so when i spot milkshake now i will stock up , it can always be frozen

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