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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Gin & Glastonbury

You know those hot humid summer nights when you can't sleep and the thoughts just keep running through your head?

The KKK Kardasian Klan of Klingons were haunting me the other night, hardly surprising as their existance has always baffled me , are they the next stage of human evolution ?  I was trying to escape from the Glastonbury prison camp and the miles of tents were getting longer and longer , Kanya west was selling vegan kebabs and Kim had a stall selling his designer gear .
Old Mother Kardasian was at the slave market buying hipsters with man bags, so they could be skinned and she would be rejuvenated , meanwhile dad was dressed as Shirley Bassey doing a DJ set with the Dali Lama , have to say they were pretty good . Karma is a wonderful thing, boy it must hurt when your discarded ex hubby , turns into a far prettier female than you , no amout of money or imagination could make that plot twist up and still the miles of tents stretched on .

Vix , you and John were there you'd got your own department store , full of crying boy  pictures and poodles?  , not quite sure why Florence was in a cage in the corner but little boys with sticks kept poking her to make her fling herself about and she seemed to have mislaid The Machine.

The Who we're performing to a herd of skeletons wearing parkas with mod targets on the back , think I've met most of them at scooter rallies praying at the altar of Paul Weller tribute bands, or carrying boxes of 45s  and still the tents stretched on

And the moral of this story is don't take painkillers and forget then have a large gin and tonic to cool yourself down...menopausal dreams are great ...this was even weirder !!!!!

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