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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Benefits Land the Update

I apologise for my abscence , the school holidays are proving rather hectic , A none stop round of work, childcare and garden chores  while its cool enough to do big stuff . Rain has now stopped play.
In the world of benefits claimants we "may" be making some progress. Mr Bah Humbug is a recipent of PIP payments this is the replacement for DLA , when he finally got this benefit after 5 months and a medical the letter from the DWP stated he must inform the council if he was in social housing . This was back in April , it didnt say why you had to inform them , I presumed it was because at that point you are officially in the eyes of the government a disabled person . So I rang them and informed them , only to be told .

Why are you telling us?

Err ...because it says on this letter from the DWP that i must .

Well youve informed us , it will be noted, goodbye .

Role on to July , im rooting through UGOV the government website , for some other aspect of disability payments , and find the well hidden reason why you must inform your social housing landlord .
Ring the council yet again

Ive just read on UGOV that we should be getting Housing Benefit

No you have a family member in full time employment

Err thats not what it says here sunshine , it says that if you are in receipt of the higher rate of PIP care , one family members employment income is automatically deducted from the calculation .

Give over, where does it say that .
So I tell him the UGOV page does indeed say that

So can we do a new calculation ?

New calculation is done , we are entitled ( I hate that word soooo much)It can take months to progress the claim but it is applied for now .

Fast  forward to yesterday , theres a nice smiley housing officer at the door , come to discuss the rent arrears.

We have put in a Housing Benefit application , we have the letter saying they are going to pay part of the rent at the least , but how long is a bit of string until its processed.
I pointed out that we should have been getting this since April , and that we have sold vehicles and anything of any value to pay the rent since January when this lousy adventure started .
He was bewildered even he didnt know that PIP payments trigger Housing Benefit , it seems no one does and as he pointed out to me the council will be claiming the money from the government back to April , so why isnt all of it being credited to the Housing Account .
We await the results of this intervention , as he was going back to the Housing Benefit department to find out why they arent up to date with all the changes that have been made .
It would seem that unless you ask for a recalculation when you receive the PIP claim descision they dont tell anybody about this

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