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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Benefits Land...Twice in one week!!!

Well its been a fun week , Mr Bah Humbug has been pleasently surprised by the Job Centers reaction to Mondays debacle , no sanction , Lagat Training are in bother it seems they are supposed to be providing 6 man courses for the differently abled and they have just been lumping the differently abled in with everyone else and charging the Job Center for  seperate courses.  Plus they failed miserably in the duty of care aspects , no safety drill etc , its a six man course for a reason, to enable staff to cripple ratio in the event of an emergency . When they questioned those who had attended the course previously , it would seem this has been happening for a while but nobody has had the guts to stand there ground and put in a complaint due to the fear of sanction .
Let me explain sanction to you , this is when they stop all your payments for non compliance to Job Center requests , first time its for weeks , second time for months third time if you havent starved to death it can be for years . You can get an emergency payment of £30 something to live on , they wont tell you this though , you must ask for it , and if you want to appeal a descision it takes months , Everybody gets sanctioned , this makes it appear in government figures that people are getting jobs , the excuses are trivial for sanction , not attending courses or interviews is a favourite , usually because they send all the requests by second class mail that takes forever and will arrive the day after the course  , the staff have to meet quotas for sanctions so it makes for a pretty toxic combination .
Anyway to cut a long rambling story short , Mr Bah Humbug has run out of courses for the present , hes gutted as he likes the social aspect of getting out and meeting people , he would like to go back to college in September , but because hes on JSA and not ESA theres no funding available .
We will not at the present time go into the realms of the new electronic sign in procedure that is going to work particularly well for those who cant hold a
I personally think Mr Bah Humbug should offer up his services as a government spy for all the wretched training agencies they employ , he would really tell them the truth

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