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Friday, 9 February 2018

We won , well sort of

Today im feeling mostly surreal , the dystopian fantasy land of being a Benefit Scrounger has got even stranger . Legal daughter managed to sort out the Great Housing Benefit scandal of 2017 .  The vast (to us) amount that has appeared in the Housing account with no explanation  is all ours . So in the space of 14 days weve gone from facing eviction to loaded, well sort of .

It would seem that the DWP has informed them that they shouldnt have ceased our Housing Benefit since June of last year , they  tried to evict us, then decided not to because they had no disabled adapted properties to rehouse us into  ( to those overseas ...yes they do evict you from State Housing for non payment of rent , but if youre vulnerable or disabled tenants they then have to rehouse you in equivalent property elsewhere ,due to DUTY of Care regulations , if youre not disabled its usually to B&B or hostel accomodation ) 

 They  gave us a half payment of the rent through Discretionary Housing Benefit , despite us then having income of £30 a week , if you have no income you have to pay the rent WTF , so we once again amassed enough arrears for them to start the eviction process for the third time in six months .
 It would seem that everyone has now accepted the fact that we live on next to nothing have had no income of any sort since December etc etc etc . They now accept that we have been telling the truth for over a year about our finances my partners illness etc etc. If  family, friends , you lot and the church had not supported us through this time I dont know where we would have ended up .

 Our caseworker at P3 has been solid gold and has been like a dog with a bone dealing with the DWP , she deserves a medal for the hours she has spent on our case , even she says its the worst shes ever handled. 

Now let me explain another Benefits anomaly that leaves me baffled ,  because there is a separate budget for Discretionary Housing Benefit which is a well kept secret that Local Councils dont tell you about unless you ask. If they pay it to your rent account they cant pay it back to themselves if they then find that Central Government has then granted ordinary everyday Housing Benefit , so it just sits in your rent account , Ive tried to give it them back they cant take it !!
Theyve sent me a form to request it into my bank account !!  But its not mine and I dont want it !! we had a whole argument with them about this . So my plan is to leave it sat there because lets face it , this year we have Armageddon Universal Credit to look forward to , so once again we would amass a minimum of six weeks of rent arrears and i cant believe it will go that smoothly being us . Nobody is happy with me about this decision, but to me it makes sense. Despite being a scrounger , I would like to pay for what we have , this is not a lifestyle we have chosen , illness has caused it .
Still got the Carers and the backdated ESA battles to fight, but at least now we have a small regular payment  coming in to cover the bills.

Take a deep breath , rant over..................for now


  1. Thank goodness you have some kind of settlement at long last and well done to your daughter and your caseworker. I don’t think you are a scrounger and you are a wonder to me anout how you manage with everything that you do. Hope you at least feel some relief today that your house should be safe for now. Catriona

  2. Hi Kate, you an amazing person and decent. Finally you got some benefits that you deserve. Wishing all the best to you and your family

  3. Whoop whoop thank goodness for the tenacity of that caseworker. Keep plugging away.......hope there's a Jumble sale this weekend for you? None our way

  4. May this just be the start of you getting all you need and deserve Kate.

  5. Finally a light at the end of the tunnel

  6. all the other stuff you have had to deal with. Brilliant news and well done!

  7. Great news. I have been reading your blog for a while now and admire how you have battled the various agencies. Hope it all finally gets sorted out for you both.

  8. What brilliant news Kate! I should think you are grinning from ear to ear.

  9. I am thrilled that finally little by little it is all getting sorted, long may this last.

  10. Wonderful Kate! Thank God there are some people who are passionate about their jobs and helping people. Took long enough for one of those caseworkers to get to you! Know you have lots more battles ahead, but having funds to heat the house and put food in the frig has to be a blessing. Sending ((hugs)) across the pond.

  11. I hope this is the start of something good, if one department have conceded you are what you say you are perhaps the others will follow. The money will never make up for what you've been put through but at least its something. Stay warm and treat yourself to something.

  12. Sitting here with tears running down my face whilst seriously contemplating a happy dance in response to this wonderful news. You are looking overdue some sensible decisions and some totally deserved help. I think your decision about what to do with the discretionary housing benefit seems completely sensible and you should stick to your guns. Here's hoping the next hurdle spontaneously falls over before you reach it. xxx

  13. You have been through hell!.
    Hopefully now you can have some heating and warming food!.

  14. Chuffed to bits for you pet. You have endured an unimaginable year. x

  15. I hope that this small victory is a sign of good things to come in 2018!

  16. That's brilliant news let's hope your other benefit problems get sorted soon now xxx

  17. Keep going Kate I'm with you all the way.
    I'm waiting for the attendance letter to say we are unsuccessful, its coming for sure, then its back to the battle again as you know. Then there's the battle for compensation and it appears that he has to have a specific kind of asbestosis illness so we may not qualify for that, it make you feel like throwing the lot in the bin. Poor bugger is lying in hospital with so many tubes coming out of him at the moment, good job we are strong, although at the end of the day I don't feel it.
    Got myself the worst cold ever would you believe.
    So glad you have at least got some money now, treat yourself to a little something you deserve it.

    1. try not to laugh the big treat has been fresh fruit and veg , and vet meds for the

  18. Enjoy your fresh fruit and veg...and here's to a continued supply! x