Saturday, 24 February 2018

Spend Spend Spend

Still buying oranges , It sounds very wartime Britain doesnt it ?

What did you miss most during the famine sir ?

Fruit when theres frost on the ground and a good pork chop!

So im building my store cupboards back up ...gradually ..though a trip to the butcher who will do what i like at Grimsby has helped , a seller of dreadful chicken but willing to go in the back and drag out half a cow to cut me some nice fatty stew beef , he just laughs and shakes his head , but im not sure how anyone makes good stew with that dreadful lean stuff they have in the supermarkets . he also did me a deal on a mountain of rump steak  and a huge pile of mangled lamb chops that also go into stew , then it was off to another butchers for the sausages we like and a couple of tiny pork joints , plus a gammon for Easter . Once upon a time there were pork butchers , poultry butchers and cow and sheep butchers but you didnt do lots of different meats till the war , so back in the day there was little cross contamination within the food chain , convenience always seems to muck things up .

 This weeks highlights have included The Jack Monroe spat with the local conservatives over using her as an example of living and feeding a child on £10 a week , I must admit that i would be a bit peeved as well . She documented a period in her life when due to bureaucratic incompetence she and her child nearly starved to death and this is what the Tories think is what we should aspire to? 

On the what is society coming to front , yesterday I was in Cleethorpes first thing just to find two police cars and 3 police officers having a wee chat with 3 homeless folks sat on a bench in the high street , it looked as if one had slept there all night and they wanted him gone , they were giving him the long lecture about arresting him for begging , that he was intimidating people passing by etc etc . they looked as bored as i think the young man involved was . But a woman from one of the nearby shops was ranting on, then  the coppers got there blues on and went to do some real policing .
I was just popping to the cafe so asked him if he wanted a coffee , bear in mind he had frost on his blankets and was blue and shaking . Come back with the coffee and had a wee chat .
It seems he can stay there so long as hes on his own and doesnt speak to anyone . Me talking to him and giving him a coffee was being photographed by the woman from the shop , like i give a monkeys

He seemed a nice enough lad polite but with drug problems . He then asked if i could spare 2 quid
my reply
Nope chuck , because £2 X 5 is enough to buy a wrap isnt it
He just laughed and said
For an old bird you know how its done

Lol ...Young Baldrick taught me a lot


  1. I am really glad you are being able to buy some food so you can have some nice nourishing meals , If i find some lean meat reduced i put it in the slow cooker all day and stew it like that it usually works , I am going to read the jack thing now xxx

  2. Its great you still have a sense of humour after all you've been through. Enjoy the money you deserve it.

  3. Isn't it lovely to be able to stock up your cupboards and freezer. Funny how those of us that have been skint want a full freezer. The better off folk want a holiday somewhere warm.
    I will never give money to beggars but am always happy to buy them a hot drink or a sandwich.

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