Monday, 27 March 2017

Spring Sprung

So the reason for not being around much is Spring , cant beat a bit of heavy duty garden work in the sunshine , the trouble is im very much Billy No Mates when it comes to the gardening , plus they dont get no dig methods , i have to use those, my cyst ridden hips and back  wont handle a lot of digging . Its been that bad ive had to have a  nettle cull with real weed killer , hideously expensive vile stuff . I always leave a nettle patch between us and the cows it really does seem to keep them from deciding to visit plus the wildlife love them ,but theyre very invasive so needed culling every 3 or 4 years . its not where we plant crops  Ive a mountain of brambles to burn as well .
Im probably wasting my breath , but i want the greenhouse putting up , its been waiting 4 years now and the frames done and im sick of the feeble excuses from the whole lot of them , if they cant be arsed it can be sold , just very militant and totally fed up at the moment.
Still having to handwash everything due to the lack of a washer , this  is eating so much time , once again no help forthcoming .
Yesterday was Mothers Day , so I cooked endlessly for the whole ungrateful bunch of them Young Baldrick included , didnt do an ounce of washing so theyre all whining this morning ,  daughter nipped me to B&Q to price up the stuff for the greenhouse base , then a trip to Poundworld for a pack of Frys chocolate creams .
Dont have the money to pay for the greenhouse base so ive been out first thing skip stalking in Woodhall Spa where the posh folk live , its amazing what they chuck out over the but there were no breeze blocks aaarrrggghhh
Then theres a letter from the council informing us that theyre going to come and see how they can upgrade the heating, i should imagine that will be a log burner which will be no use to Mr Bah Humbug and as he pointed out maybe if they actually fitted double glazing we wouldnt be wasting our time trying to heat this dump , that may sound ungrateful but its ridiculous that they were defrauded by the company that fitted the new windows and it took them 5 years to admit it we have to wait another 25 years before we are allowed new windows again ...aaarrggghh
Work is pathetic , we have none of the work that actually pays till May , so we are more than skint at the moment , still waiting for the wages im owed to catch up , no wage slip yet again which doesnt look promising .


  1. Crap day all round yesterday then....although I am lucky enough to have a gardener in the shape of my daughter who is a garden supervisor where she works.
    Sorry you are still having such a bad time with work.

  2. Honestly - I don't know how you keep going - I'd be on strike for sure with all but the youngest - the rest could sort themselves and that doesn't mean they could avail themselves of any food on hand - they could shift for themselves - ungrateful lot! Hope things get better.

  3. Have you tried asking on Gumtree, Freebie pages or local FB buy/ swap sell for old blocks or bricks - or even ask local builders. People are sometimes glad to be rid of such 'rubble'. Can some of the brood be made responsible for their own washing by hand? Good luck.

  4. I've just found your blog. You seem to have a platefull! I have heard that vinegar will work on weeds, and my experience is that it is a bit hit and miss, but it's cheaper than weedkiller. There's a comparison here which says roundup is best but vinegar is okayish. Good luck with the washing

    1. welcome to my weird world always gets stranger