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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Pretty Worthless Giveaway

Its Jumble Sale season !!! my favourite time of the year , before the car boot sales start . So I  trotted off to the scout hut in Lincoln last week for a cats sale last week, these are always amazing cheap and so varied it can be a little surreal, I spent a whole £1 on a cushion and 3 articles of clothing , one to cut up for patchwork ,one to unravel for the wool in a virulent lime green and one summer wear in the garden dress that my OH viewed with total horror point is that its these little things that make me happy .
Then it was pop into the Bridge Community Venue and i had to bring these home

Victorian and Edwardian are so unloved these days that this pair of pink and pretty were just pennies , sat among normal everyday dishes , now I cant become a plate collector , I have a drawer full in the filling cabinet already and we havent had a giveaway on this miserable blog forever .
So lets give away a pair of pretty pink romantic transfer ribbon plates , how do you enter may you ask ?  Its so simple, just comment , we will draw a winner by the scientific method of munchkin and dish on Sunday 19th March .
  Doesnt matter where in the world you are , we will post them to you , but it may be buy some weird super cheap postal method , like making Young Baldrick cycle there , so dont expect them tomorrow .

On a plus note theres a scout jumble sale at Lincoln Birchwood scout hut today which I cant make . And a Church Jumble at Tetford  this afternoon , a flyspeck in the Wold that i have had to look up on maps that i want to go to but i need  Maybe I should charge them for doing their washing?


  1. I am always in look of those wonderful good buys! The hunt and the find make me so happy as well!

  2. Pretty plates, I am sure someone will find a good home for them.

  3. Those plates have such lovely storybook air about them!
    Back in the day I would have been tempted by such bargin treasures too.

    Now I am slowly giving my acquired cheapness treasures away to young women starting or in some cases restarting homes on similar sparse cash as I had.
    I hope they find an appreciative home for them.

  4. Katie, I am sure you will find these a good home. I love your generous spirit. A chance to go bargain treasure hunting with you would be so much fun. I have a couple of friends (we all
    search for different things) I enjoy going to the sales with. Here's hoping you are off to a great season of "finding". Marie

  5. What pretty little plate. I'm sure they will look beautiful in someone's home.

  6. Such pretty plates. I'm sure they weren't there when I popped in!

    1. theyve been there for weeks buried in a stack of ordinary dinner plates , thats why they had to come home or they would have ended up in the

  7. Such pretty little plates. Glad you were able to rescue them! And so kind of you to offer them in a 'give-away'!

  8. O they are so pretty..your so generous when i know your skint..i would adore these ..