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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Pippa & Dawn Dolly Thursday

Ok ,ive been suffering from thrift starvation and overwork for 2 weeks , but then i popped in to see the christians in the next village and who do I find its a whole little red case of 70s Pippa and Dawn , teeny tiny shoes and outfits , mini record player wigs , seriously glam outfits. In fact please dont take offence but these are you in miniature Vix right down to the amazing outfits

then I have the worrying conversation with the old lady who handles stock  , apparently all the dollys ive bought over the last few weeks , came from a stockpile of jumble boxes from the 70s they found in a church storeroom, as they only sell bric a brac because the shop is just 8ft square!! , they threw dozens of boxes of clothes away ..AAAARRRRRGGGHHH

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