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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Approved Food Because We're Skint

Having spent the whole of this weeks budget and fuel  money on the Approved Food website , we now have overflowing cupboards but little to make a  Every 2 or 3 months i do an order , I find theyre not always big on healthy but for dried goods its great . They do get some big brands , gluten free and obscure quality lines with short dates or past the date . It does tell you on the website if you hover over the items . Now i know that some of these things can be made from scratch cheaper , but im a working mother and granny with a lot of hungry mouths to feed. In an ideal world I could just pop to the nearest shop , but im 15 miles from the nearest foreign supermarket or large supermarket so it makes it easier to order in even with the cost of delivery .  If 2 or 3 of you club together it could be a weekly order the stock changes from day to day .  99 items , because some are case deals it nearly ruptured the poor delivery man

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