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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Boring Thrifty Sunday + Laura Ashley

So once again i wake up to lashing rain and at the moment a glorious rainbow on the meadow behind the house .this year the Lincolnshire Red Beefburgers are missing from the fields so i presume theyre going to be hay making shortly . Its very picturesque here if nothing else
Another weekend of no car boots so im reduced to showing you my 50p fill a bag haul from Grimsby , now im not a fabric snob , so i craft with 99% salvage but i had a moment.  id rooted through rail after rail of clothing , the place is very badly lit and i was in a hurry so just grabbed an armful and waited till i got home to have a look. now funnily enough this lady likes to use everything she can from thrifted tems
So heres the big reveal , I accidentally bought 2 nearly new Laura Ashley, medium, glorious cotton full length nighties for the fabric I may manage to conquer my aversion to listing clothing on ebay and pop these into the shop , they have cotton lace ribbons and pintucks but that fabric is winking at me if the dont sell

There was more a size 8 Monsoon gypsy skirt that matches a current project and an Essence plum shirt , tesco floral camisole with nice beaded trim that screams lavender bags , and a Lee Cooper shirt for my son that didnt fit , ebay again

theres even more currently in the wash, that i bought on the principle that they are large sizes so have more fabric to use . So in total i ended up with 5 carrier bags full for a whole £2.00 , so this afternoon i may get on with m quilting ....maybe

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