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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Thrift shop Bonanza

Ok I lied , Im still struggling to find anything worth buying in the thrift shops , I toddled round bonny Barton upon Humber  yesterday , my favourite Salvation Army was closed but i had an hour to kill and my I must walk for miles just for the illusion of exercise mind set .
  Red Cross Shop. Once upon a time it was brilliant now its so damned expensive its worth a chuckle when you pick things up .  I think theyre doing the look it up on ebay pricing , theyre furniture isnt  to bad a price and they do reduce eventually just for stock rotation i think . So I was getting the nutty old lady stares from the staff for chuckling to myself . There was a gentlemen and his wife doing the same thing as well . didnt see any buyers in there though .
Hospice Shop, lots of clothing reasonably priced , but im not buying clothing for more than a £1 at the moment so mean
It was that cold , I forced myself into the new Age UK, didnt have my hopes up because they tend to have become house of overpriced horrors . Surprise this was a £2 for all clothing and bedding shop , plus most bits and bobs were for pennies , 10p books etc. a few bric a brac shockers , maybe it was an opening sale?
for 30p I managed to pick a small but tatty vintage case to add to the project pile . Plus these 2 lovelies , tablecloth has cleaned up beautifully , probably a keeper as it is a little faded .

Then theres Ginger girlie , she is gorgeous 60s or 70s retro , cheap wood frame and glazed . think she may go to ebay , you just dont see much with ginger children on at all  ............sharing at .

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