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Monday, 17 March 2014

Politically Incorrect Vintage Sewing Machine

In my bid to spring clean a bit , i dug this love out of my bedroom today , she needs a really good wax and polish as shes all dried out over the winter due to the heat .
If your wondering why shes politically incorrect its the fact that shes made in Germany , no badges no names just model 339 as an identification ,  although shes very 1890s  she will have had a revamp in 1914
Very much made by Frister and Rossman in Berlin , everything made in germany had to be rebranded  and retransferred during and after  WWI  and this is  quite a comman shape of machine, though this is unusual because of the mother of pearl inlay . Sews OK hardly any wear to the bed transfers , but I think shes sadly redundent in this household which is a shame , dont have anyone female in the family to pass her on to . My daughter has her own vintage baby already

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