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Tuesday, 22 August 2017


Well thats what it feels like , im surrounded by so called professional help that doesnt appear to be much bleedin help !!! case workers are messing about over  juristiction issues.
 My daughter being in the legal profession is refusing to pay the rent because shes of the legal profession and they have given us nothing to confirm the payment arrangement just a scrap of paper with a couple of figures and dates ...AARRRGGGHHH
Lincoln Hospital are driving me nuts Mr Bah Humbug was referred back in December for an ENT appointment we waited 6 months as this is none urgent , then the appointments arrived 4 times and each was cancelled over the phone and rescheduled , then they cancelled again and nothing , so while chasing up another appointment I asked what was happening and they said he had been discharged for repeated none attendance!!! This is the second time in the last couple of months that this has happened with appointments at Lincoln Hospital , it goes on his record that he doesnt attend and that could be used against him at his coming tribunal!!!  I was told they couldnt change what is on his records and it was his own fault for wasting NHS resources !!!
So I marched to the GPS spoke to the lovely sentient receptionist and she made me an appointment to speak to the practice manager , which when i showed her this had happened twice in such a short period of time came to the same conclusion I did , they are doing this to massage their figures for seeing people within so many weeks , if it wasnt for the fact that Mr BH has complex needs we wouldnt have spotted this , they could be doing this to loads of people , then claiming its an error if people question it . Because your discharged you go to the bottom of the list again ...AARRGGHH  the GP has put in a formal complaint .
Im leaving voicemails here there and everywhere trying to sort these messes out  , nobody gets back to me , apparently its the holiday season so nobody is available , my partner doesnt need a carer he needs a full time secretary !!
Todays mission try to get in touch with a couple of the other consultants secretarys about the reports he needs for his tribunal , GP refuses to help because they dont get paid for it !!  we may have to pay for the letters , the DWP doesnt ask for anything from the medical profession it is all down to you the disabled person to prove that you have any disability  , they only ask your GP for a copy of your medical records , if youve ever accesed your GP records online you realise that there very patchy , some of the locums records make no sense and it probably bears little resemblance to your current condition , there may also be lots of coded acronyms from years back about you being a malingerer , hard work etc etc , GP records seem to have approved immensely since patients have the right to read them , what a
Im sorry if im boring you all to tears , it feels like im documenting the decline and fall of  the NHS for posterity at the moment , but i do feel that its something that needs to be put on public record


  1. Oh Kate, you seem to be on a neverending moving staircase. I don't know how you cope.

  2. In the scheme of things i think your coping far better with far more serious matters chuck....bleedin men theyre nothing but a worry

  3. Hello Kate,
    I have not commented before but, feel compelled to agree with you. The decline and fall of the NHS is happening. We would not trust any of 'em, even if we could get to see one of 'em. It is all about money now, care does not enter into healthcare. My daughter tells me that Lincoln hospital is like the black hole of Calcutta.
    Good luck with BH's PIP application.

    1. the staff at Lincoln are nothing short of amazing , but trying to work within the current structure of the NHS must make them lose the will to live

  4. I think you're right, it's the end of the NHS as we used to know it and love it. It's all about budgets, delaying tactics and appearance. You are told one thing and something else happens. Hubby has just had a letter and phone message regarding an appointment next week. My brother in-law had a telephone consultation over the phone because the specialist didn't have enough patients to see locally. He had just had an operation, I was shocked by this madness!

    1. telephone consultations !! dont even get me on that one , we have those for Lincoln orthopedics , they ring up ask him his pain scores then arrange for more injections that never do a thing for him except give him headaches , he has to have the damned injections because otherwise hes "refusing treatment" AARRGGHHH