Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Moan & Winge

Oh to have something positive to ..Ive been working on the theory of if youve got nothing nice to say , say nothing . So I'm very quiet on the blog front .
Work is an unending nightmare , had a row with my boss last week along the lines of
 no im not doing a 100 mile round trip to do a job youre going to pay me £3.00 for sunshine
But it has the potential to earn you £12

Dont make me laugh ,it will take most of the day and £3 will not cover the fuel .

Your contracted to do this .

As i'm on a zero hours contract , I think you will find that im not .

We can soon find someone else to do it .

Good, find them .

So i'm expecting the sack yet again

The reason im very militant at the moment  is that my car died , the brakes went going down a big hill into Lincoln , so I then had to do a days work using only the handbrake which was interesting to say the least .
Only to get the whole are you sodding crazy rant , why didnt you ring breakdown !!
Well we havent had breakdown cover for over a year , if i walk out on a days work ,
I have to pay for it and thats well over £500 so what do you suggest sunshine?
Anyway the sons and Mr Bah Humbug in supervisory position on his plastic lawn chair replaced the brakes , then we realised it needed an MOT .
It was booked in and failed miserably with jobs the boys couldnt tackle , so were now totally broke and its a fortnight till pay day , i have my roadworthy vehicle back but no money for fuel to even go to work .
We had our first meeting with our caseworker on Monday , once again we have to round up all the medical reports to try and get some kind of  improvement in our circumstances , we have explained that our doctors are stunningly awful and this could take weeks, but they will provide legal advice and take the whole shitty shambles to an appeal tribunal , she read the huge file i already have and cant quite believe what has happened to Mr Bah Humbug . As she says all they see is his fat belly and they have competely disregarded his life threatening spinal impingement  so we will see where this goes


  1. Oh Katie....I feel so awful as I never quite know the right thing to say when you post.
    Just know that I keep you in my thoughts and wish for things to get better for you.

    1. i just despise the fact that im turning into such a moaning minny , it just feels as if nothing can go right at the moment

  2. Bless you, Like Sheila I never quite know what to say all I can do is hope that things get better for you. I find it quite disgusting that people are so judgemental about weight. Take care.

    1. just keep talking , the total isolation gets to me more than anything

  3. I really admire you for your resilience and humour in the face of stuff which would cause others to collapse in a wailing heap of despair.

    1. i have tried the wailing in despair in the privacy of Tescos carpark while picking up my tesco value bread ration on a few occasions , but you still have to get up the next day and plaster on your positivity face when your a carer

  4. I'm sorry for your problems. I had to struggle to get ESA for my sick daughter and now she has it and is in support group. I hope you are successful soon to get the help you need.