Sunday, 26 February 2017


Today I am mostly feeling like a dinosaur
One of my strange miserable old biddy gripes has to be Lincolnshire Coop , out in the villages beyond Lincoln they are often the only shop for miles , so they have a captive audience really , in the last year they have all undergone or are undergoing a bit of a makeover . They always babble on about being ethical and giving there members the dividend etc etc . They have obviously decided to give up trying to give their customers  a chance of living on a budget , they have become a shop for middle class ready meal eaters and those who can afford to pay through the nose for posh branded items . The quality of what they stock is wonderful but its now so expensive that shopping there is a joke if your on a limited income .  They always used to have a decent stock of basic own brand items which were dearer than other supermarkets but were quite adequate if you added in the cost of travelling  , these are now few and far between, if not you get the gap in the shelves thats always empty for days. You do a good £5.00 family meal deal not much use to pensioners unless they portion it out and eat a bit each day . Plus like a lot of families £5 for a meal is a bleedin luxury I cant afford Today I popped in for bread and bumped into my old neighbour in his 80s wandering round looking lost . As he said they dont stock normal food anymore do they ? He just wanted his basics he cant shop online, hes to frail to travel far , the bus journey to Lincoln wouldnt take him near a supermarket , they are all out of town monoliths .
Yes Lincolnshire Coop , these are your grassroots customers who have supported you for years , it may look pretty in your shop but he doesnt need a hugely expanded wine section , Costa , endless ready meals and a huge cheese selection , yes you have the things he needs but his budget hasnt gone up , just because your prices have rocketed to pay for your revamp.
Oh and while im ranting , have we got blizzards forecast ? Why have you never got cheap bread , just those god awful £1.00 bread buns ?


  1. Sadly its true of our local Co0p too, the butcher and deli as now turned into a wine emporium. Even the yellow stickers are never a real bargain.

    1. we eat endless black bananas for cooking ...theyre the only yellow label item remotely affordable , though ive had a yellow label bacon quiche with no meat just flavouring twice last week

  2. I stopped believing in the Co-op as an ethical organisation when I went for a job interview at their "training college". It was a stately home, and the only other woman I saw was a waitress! Could not get out fast enough! We have a local supermarket that is also far to expensive too!!