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Thursday, 26 January 2017


No its not coming out of my ears !!  I just seem to have run out of it completely , January is proving to be a total bore of a month , todays the first day without freezing fog for over a week , instead its arctic wind... I decided to forego walking the school run this morning , I can do without the wind making my head ache all day , short of wearing a mask no amount of Baltic Granny Chic can cure that one , my sinuses get cold and its headache time .  Why is it regarded as child cruelty to make an eight year old walk a mile and a half to school and back , yes our route is bleak and past open fields but I well remember walking 5 miles to school as a kid and thinking nothing of it . Plus i dont care that its dark coming home after school sports , it means i do 6 miles a day to take him but if i can do it 3 times a week it helps stop my back spasms . So on the days i dont have to be somewhere we walk .
The January poverty plan diet has gone really well , i managed to buy 140 chicken thighs for £7 just before xmas bagged them into 6 packs and the slow cooker has been producing chicken varients 3 or 4 times a week , that and deformed fish fingers from Heron have been the staples , plus lots of veg .
We had to go to the diabetes training session last week ,it  seems we eat really healthy , but Mr BH has to face the fact that he isnt known as Mr Two Teas for no reason . lol ,,hes sulking and whining that hes hungry all the time and it is driving me steadily mad . Im not about to start peeling the coating off his fish fingers either . Plus he has never grasped that if he has 3 pieces of fruit a day the rest of us cant afford any fruit at all ...bleedin men
The kids are climbing the walls because he wont allow yogurts crisps or any form of biscuit or cake into the house because he would be tempted , so in one way its quite economical because they eat out more .
The end of month budget is down to pennies but with paying Young Baldricks rent and putting a pair of tyres on my car it is to be expected , work has dried up ,but it usually does till March  so i may now get a few crafty bits sorted .
So roll on February , got to be a bit better hasnt it once the jumble sales start


  1. I love the idea of "deformed fish fingers" ( that description made me smile) and would definitely buy them, or any other off shapes of food if there were available here. JanF

  2. I was lamenting the fact just last week that my discount grocery store no longer seems to carry their No Name fish sticks - used to love them!
    My Jr. High - High School and University were all on the same street - just had to keep walking further as I got older - started at about 1.5 miles each way and worked up to about 2 miles each way - try doing that in a bitterly cold Canadian winter! You must be very fit doing all that walking every week. It's nonsense here - schools supplied free bus tickets if there were no school buses and now the transit authority provides free travel to all kids up to 12 years old - I see kids waiting for a bus to take them barely 5 minutes down the road - and then the papers are full of articles about childhood obesity & kids not getting enough exercise - bloody ridiculous!
    January will be over soon and hopefully things will perk up - it is a tough month to get through and such a let down after Christmas - I can't seem to concentrate - should have had so much more done this month - oh well. Hang in there - I think you do an amazing job.

    1. Sadly despite walking miles, I still have a hippo bum it follows me

    2. Yup, that -30 walk to school with my boys was memorable. Even pulled them in the sled a few times.

      I was one of the few Mums who wouldn't drive them. It took longer to drive than walk due to the traffic patterns.

  3. I'm primal screaming for you. I am in a similar situation

  4. We have a great thing in our supermarket called the Odd Bunch. They sell for cheaper all the fruit and veggies that are odd shapes so otherwise would have been rejected for sale. Great for the budget!
    That chicken thigh purchase was an amazing deal - well done!
    Hope you get your steam back soon. We all go through down times where we just couldn't be bothered.
    Have a great week!