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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

How to Waste a £1

Yesterday i did a couple of thrift and charity shops and what did i get . I spent a whole pound in the Moorland Christians , i bought a shirt for my son , who actually got out of the car and walked round with me!! then i bought a wool cashmere dark blue overcoat , immaculate and a whole 60p that can languish till the cold weather . Then a glorious Per Una summer skirt all roses and fru fru , so not me and it didnt fit anyway , nice material , I will have to conquer the hideous problems i have with item specifics and clothing , not sure how .
Then i visited another christian shop and bought a 1965 peewee mini doll, a plastic viking, a heavy ornate pressed glass sundae dish , a little Aynsley cup and saucer that has a scuff on the green and the one thing worth having a brewery horse brass . What goes through my mind why do i buy this rubbish ?  i would have felt guilty coming out with just the horse brass thats why . I did only spend a £1

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