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Monday, 7 July 2014

Car Boots Bah Humbug!!

Well i made the effort and got up on a dull and gloomy Sunday morning and toddled off with a car load of total junk to do a car boot sale in the next village , of course i forgot my phone and my camera so cant show you my vile wares .
What i hadnt realised is that the big airshow at RAF Waddington would mean that nobody could get there from Lincoln due to road closures ..doh
Theres was about 25 sellers and a few sporadic customers , i made a grand total of ...........wait for it £20 take away £5 for a pitch , thats a whole £15 to blow on wild living and fuel this week lol
But I did manage to get rid of the bulk of the household plastics i was burdened, with, mainly to some very nice Polish ladies and most of the 50p tractor stuff . I took a box to the charity shop and chucked a few bits I couldnt stand the sight of any more into the bin. Not a single pair of curtains did i sell , this is really odd as even on a dead day they usually go really well . So they will go again in a few weeks .
Meanwhile Mr Bah Humbug had decided to start another little fixing up job . Hes been questioning my daughter about the blog so i threatened to post his picture so everybody knows he is

mr bah humbug 

and his constant companion 

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