Thursday, 7 November 2019

Election Special 2

Well isnt this fun , never has a party tried so hard to lose an election.  All that remains of the Tory Reich seems to be a bunch of clueless gobshites .
  Rees Mogg came up with a blinder over Grenfell , though saying that the Minister for Victorian England just dug a hole and kept on digging totally oblivious to what he was doing .  He is scarily intelligent but his social skills would get him statemented as having Aspergers in a State School . Rather reminds me of Gordon Browns infamous election losing incident , with that bloody racist woman or Ed Miliband with his tombstone of Labour promises.
So we now have 6 weeks of these comedy acts trying to win our votes , this isnt going to be an easy election .  Like it or not this country has dug itself into one hell of a hole with Brexit .
 The Conservatives have used this single issue to justify not taking any responsibility for the fact that there policies have killed people and continue to do so. There one concern is which supporter or donor can profit from their policies   . 
The Lib Dems have turned into a hiding place for those Conservatives who want to convince us that they give a stuff about the public along with Blairite Labour members , their leader is another delusional crazy person . Who come a hung parliament yet again, will suck up to Boris to give us yet more years of robber baron politics .
Labour , yes i will vote for them . not because i think theyre wonderful or because i think they have all the answers . They have some bloody good ideas that might work , some bat shit crazy policies that anyone can see wont work . Good old Jezza will probably die the day after the election worn out by all his campaigning but at least his legacy will be lots of statues of him looking frail and a bit bewildered which is a fitting Marxist legacy . Its Jezzas children the youngsters in the party who have realised that socialism isnt a swear word . That you can have a country that invests in itself  and cares for its citizens .
Sadly I have the feeling we will wake up December 13th to yet more Conservative bullshit as we look at each other and wonder who the hell voted for this


  1. It is such a difficult decision to make. I am a labour supporter but detest Corbin, I don't trust opinion.

  2. I have thought for ages that Jezza might die before it is all over. He looks worn out. I agree with the crazy person at the head of Lib Dem, has she got any clue at all? I think she is in cloud cuckoo land.

    I'm keeping an open mind at the moment, will watch as it all unfolds. Will probably close my eyes and stick a pin in the voting form. I often wonder who has been looking after the country for the last three and a half years while they have all been slagging each other off. Have they noticed that law and order have completely broken down? How many more riots do we have to put up with before something is done about it. I can't bring myself to write about this on my own blog, I can't be doing with getting into any arguments.

  3. Life long Conservative here so can't really comment

    1. youre still welcome Cherie all opinions are valid opinions

    2. Bless you Kate... you are always fair. x