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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Pull Yourself Together Wench

So in the real world i squandered the price of a bag of porridge on this to cheer myself up.

Its on my dressing table smiling at me . Good old Enoch Wedgwood , posh Josiah wedgwoods second cousin twice  removed . Cheap cheerful and colourful early twentieth century tat , export ware so quite how it ended up in a charity shop in Lincoln is beyond me , one damaged candlestick which can be a repair project but doesnt really matter because im terrified of candles anyway a weird fact you didnt know about me

Then there was this bit of tat spotted in The Bridge Community Venue on Friday , they were going to chuck it in the bin because the electrics were no good and had to be removed , it took some persuasion but i managed to get them to stick it on their facebook page for £20 , but ive been threatened with finding it on my car boot if it doesnt gorgeous , with the original shade , but it wouldnt survive for long in my house not with Penny the Gnome Killer and a Munchkin with a Nerf gun . Someone please go and buy it , save it from certain death at my


  1. I'm afraid I'm with the charity shop ladies - would have chucked it PDQ!
    Hope the ebay sales are going well

  2. Your lovely find is a lot prettier than porridge. Not sure about the lamp though. I think I might have to side with Sue in Suffolk on that one! Tracy

  3. Well I haven't seen a lamp like that since the 80's. I quite like the base but the shade looks like it's desert camouflage. Good luck on eBay.

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  5. Lovely lamp base, will look very chic with a new (upcycled) shade.

  6. I blimmin love that lamp. I would re cover the shade but could actually even live with it as is.... Am I odd...:-)

  7. Those original Fat Lava lampshades are like gold dust. So glad you spoke up and it goes to the right home. Anyone who considers upcycling that beauty needs their head looking at!

  8. I wonder why you are terrified of candles Kate. Do you mean unlit candles or flaming candles?

    1. BAD reasons hun, nothing pervy im afraid , didnt have a very nice childhood

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