Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Being poor is boring ...that should be the whole of this post
But its not , today im sat here trying to justify going to a sale for the day just to get a break from Mr Bah Humbug and his endless bad tempered, woe is me attitude .
He has crashed and burned mentally yet again , not a big surprise under the circumstances i must admit , refusing to wash and shave or change his clothes , I know he has mental health problems , but once again hes refusing to see the doctor and hes just so damned nasty to us all including the munchkin that life is now hard work .  I feel as if im the referee in a rather sarcastic boxing match , nothing is right for him.

The dreaded interview with housing benefit went rather strangely , told them the circumstances and there was an awful lot of tooth sucking , it seems once again im technically guilty of fraud , because he has been in receipt of ESA since March and i havent informed them , but they hadnt  informed us till a week ago either !!  He receives no money he hasnt for over 2 years now so how would we know . It seems the information was never sent to them either , so they hadnt recalculated anything , so they have to recalculate from march ....err but we havent received anything so the calculation should be the same ...much tooth sucking again.

So once again  i was issued the eviction speech  , so i just pointed out that my partner is disabled and this is a disabled adapted property and that we do have a caseworker . More tooth sucking
I finally left with a form for discretionary Housing Benefit which i will give to our caseworker to try and sort out and a lecture on how i need to work more hours a result methinks !!

Try not to laugh at this , received a phone call from the boss , it seems that they have been in receivership for a week because they couldnt make the wage bill this month , had i not noticed a different name on my pay slip?   Not really as i hadnt had a damned wage slip and they now owe me a considerable sum of money , peanuts to them but not to me .
I wish they had gone to the wall then we could get some financial help !!


  1. Flipping heck Kate,bit never rains but it pours! Your sense of humour and writing stuff down on here must be a saving grace. It's good to share stuff. I know what you're going through as far as having a depressed hubby. I used to get angry with people who would say 'poor thing, depression is do awful' it is but it's also hard on the family because it can stop you living too. Everything was an effort for my hubby, conversation was non existent and he wouldn't go and get help which I was really annoyed about. I think you're doing a marvelous job in a really horrid situation, hopefully your luck will change soon. Tx

  2. For your own sanity I think maybe you should have that day at the sale.

  3. My wish is that all those involved(various sadistic official)will experience the poverty and homelessness in the future.Kate you are courageous.Hugs

  4. My wish is that all those involved(various sadistic official)will experience the poverty and homelessness in the future.Kate you are courageous.Hugs

  5. Thinking of you and sending caring thoughts

  6. Thank God you have such a great sense of humor and irony! I don't envy you all your trials. I sent an email last week to the address listed for you. I hope you got it. Thinking positive thoughts for you and family!

  7. I used the Gmail address in your Google. Just tried again. Thanks, Pam