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Tuesday, 13 June 2017


A Young Baldrick tale that really beggers belief!!!

Mr Bah Humbug receives a phone call from a housing officer it got a wee bit tense , so he once again throws the phone at me and says sought that !!!
Now once again Young Baldrick has cut us off , hes been ignoring arranged meetings not answering his phone or door etc etc .
It seems hes been refusing to engage at all with any of the agencies hes involved him and his housing officer has had numerous complaints from another resident , so she needed to serve him with notice of eviction!!!
Did we have access to his flat ?
Well we do have a set of keys but he does leave the keys in the door to stop anyone getting in . So we popped down there and i broke in ...oops used the keys...honest .
He was laid stinking, wrapped in his curtains on the sofa  at 2 oclock in the afternoon !!!
The place was a stinking mess , i dont think hed thrown out anything since he moved in , fag ends everywhere , empty bottles everywhere, rotting food wrappers and ball bearings everywhere..WTF !!!
So surprise Step mommy is stood at the side of your sofa screaming in your lug to get your lazy arse up !!
So heres what we found , the little treasure had ordered a replica gun from Amazon which fires ball bearings and peppered the walls with it , thousands of metal ball bearings , it looks like measles in the plaster work!!  He has been using it in the garden so its a wonder he hasnt had a visit from The Men In Black to place a red dot on his forehead!! .....confiscated and destroyed by his dad
The mushrooms that were crawling in maggots had walked into his slow cooker the day before and that was his food for the week , hed gone and bought 30 jars of spices but no other actual food !!
Hes stopped taking his medication ...surprise
So I had a long chat with his housing Officer and it seems she was unaware that he has mental health problems the agency that is supposed to be supporting him never mentioned it .  Why isnt he living with us ?
Because we wouldnt be able to keep our tenancy if he lived with us !!!!! we are overcrowded and hes a nightmare .
 So where do we go from here ?
Well hes back in touch with his support agency . His paperwork is up to date . Hes currently starving and without electricity (at least that should stop the noise complaints )  he can always spend the next week hungry and cleaning , that was the excuse for the state of the place , he had nothing to clean with , so i popped to the shop and bought cleaning equipment ,  can he come here to stop as he doesnt get paid for another week ...Nope


  1. I'm speechless too Kate.
    My heart breaks for you having to cope with him.
    Stay strong-x-

  2. Kate, I'm a regular reader of your blog and have followed your posts about 'Young Baldrick'. After a career as a mental health professional I find this very concerning and appreciate your frustration. I've no idea of the nature of his mental health problems, but is he engaged/known to specialist MH services for people with serious mental health difficulties? In your short account today there are a number of common factors often found in inquiry reports into incidents when things have gone badly wrong. Not really knowing the situation I might be over-stepping the mark with this comment, so apologies if that is the case. I hope Baldrick can get the appropriate support.

    1. Statemented age 6 , Aspergers , chromosone defect, temper control issues , supported through school and college , social workers etc etc . But his mother refused all extra help counselling and support , she was to difficult for social services to work with!! Gets to 19 she throws him out because the money stopped , he ends up homeless so we take him in . But he doesnt want to be with us , then find out that because he didnt have an adult statement done on leaving education by social services , he "officially " has nothing wrong with him . He will need lifelong support there have been 2 cataloged episodes of psychosis , suicide attempts , self harm , etc etc .
      Apart from a couple of visits from community psychiatrics and various GPs throwing drugs at him , thats it!! There is no other help available to him until he gets himself in serious trouble and the courts order reports ....we can do nothing because hes an adult and its none of our business until the going gets tough and they involve us again couldnt make it up !!

  3. He certainly needs some help, as do you Kate. You shouldn't have to cope alone. Take care.

  4. Oh Kate, my heart goes out to you, it really does,

  5. Oh no not again. Hope he gets some help..........not just from you and gets back on the medication.

  6. Goodness kate. I do hope he gets help soon and that he accepts that help.

  7. Poor you...why ever is he not in supported living...this is not care in the community...questions only seem to be answered after something awful happens...I still work one day a week with adults with learning disabilities and I so feel for your plight...this is not care...for him or you. x

  8. My BIL is bipolar and is ill at the moment. My parents in law have no way of contacting his case worker, nurse or Dr because he is an adult and they have no right to interfere in his life. They just have to wait for him to get ill enough to be a public nuisance and get picked up by the police again. The system just doesn't work. You have my sympathies, the best of luck xxx

  9. My ex is also bipolar and while I made every attempt to help him, he would sabotage himself (and our finances) by drinking heavily even when on lithium. He almost killed me so I was done. But of course you can divorce a husband but not a child. I am so, so sorry for our situation Katie. I hope he can get the sustained help he needs before he does something really serious and more than that I hope you can get some bloody relief. If anyone deserves a break it's you. Anna

  10. "sorry for YOUR situation" - I should learn to proof read. A